Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


You might be thinking, why two milkshakes? These milkshakes represent the best birthday I have ever had. I have been craving these ever since I laid eyes on them. A tiny thing, with a gigantic price! These were expensive! The trip to get them was priceless! Living only an hour away from Nyc, my boyfriend and I decided to hop on a train in our best clothes we had and head to the city. We got off at Penn Station and walked 45 minutes to the meat packing district! After waiting in a huge line, because I guess everyone else was craving one of these bad boys as well, we finally sat down. I didn’t know where to start! Do I eat the pretzels? or the M&M layer? Or how about the Sugar Daddy? I was overwhelmed and just ended up scarfing it all down at once leaving me with a tummy ache and a smile wider than the ocean. It’s the little things, the milkshake that brought me the best birthday yet!



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