Beauty Product Alert!√

So I am crazy religious when it comes to dedicating one night a week to a “spa night” for myself. This is usually on Sundays when I’m about to start the new work week! I am specifc about deep cleansing my face, shaping my eyebrows, putting a hair mask on, getting rid of black heads on my nose and rehydrating my face. The product line I want to splurge on right now is from Shea Moisture and it is there African Black Soap line!

I haven’t got around to trying their other lines yet because they have so many different collections. I am using their Clarifying Mud Mask once a week and it is amazing. My skin looks hydrated and it helps ease the purple bags underneath my eyes. The mask isn’t a sticky process and taking it off is just as easy.

I use the Problem Skin Moisterizer 1 to 2 times daily, applying in an upward motion to keep my skin from drooping. It balances out oily complexions and allows your foundation to go on easier. It’s more helpful that primer IMO.

The best part is that the company is Cruelty Free, natural and organic and does not contain many harmful toxins! I am in love! if you have any questions about the product itself feel free to ask! I definitely recommend even though the only problems with my skin are my bags and pores on my nose!


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