the power of one week (intro)

As you guys know, I am in a LDR. I have seen my boyfriend once since I left for school mid august. Two weekends ago, he flew to me in Kentucky. We had 8 days with each other till we departed back to our colleges. Those 8 days have been so powerful. We went through many emotions as we were brought back together and then separated once again. They say make the most of your days and that is exactly what we did. Picking him up from the airport was emotion filled. I finally had a sense of his touch once again. I finally saw that smile in person and felt his hands on mine and got to adore his handsome self for a week. I couldn’t wait to spend the week with him!

I will be posting about 4 parts to my sub posts with the same titles! I cant wait for you all to see what craziness we got ourselves into! I hope you all had a yummy thanksgiving! What was your favorite dish? mine is the stuffing!

stay tuned xo!!


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