The Power of One Week (part 1)

The first day in my apartment in good ol’ Kentucky was exciting and fun filled. We didn’t rest for one second. For a month prior, I had Calvin thinking we were only going to Church Hill Downs to bet on some horses in hopes to win money. When we arrived, I had hired a photographer to take our pictures and follow us around for the day! We had a blast, winning every race we bet on and even scamming our way into the VIP section as if we had a camera crew following us for some reason. We roamed around that horse track like little kids walking into a candy shop, cliché I know. but our relationship is cheesy, funny and corny because you have to be when you’re long distance.

We bet on horses according to crazy superstitions and how pretty one looked as well as tried on funky Derby hats! I was so happy to have my sidekick with me, finally! After that, we headed to try some crazy ice pops. Steel City Pops is a raving ice pop shop with creamy or icy pops. We gave it a whirl and were not disappointed! Toasted marshmallow tasted exactly like a s’mores! I did not know how it was achieved but I’m glad I experienced it!

Here are some photos from Day 1 of being reunited with my LDR! Have any of you experienced horse betting or a really good dessert place! leave some comments! ↓


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