The Power of One Week (part 2)


Calvin and I had the best weekend at my apartment. We were so sad it was over and we had to head our way home. 4am we woke up, packed the car, grabbed some snackin’ essentials and headed toward the highway. A 12 hour drive ahead of us, snow in the forecast, and no car charger for our GPS if our phone died… we were in for a crazy trip. When we come home from Kentucky we mainly go through Pennsy, what feels like the longest state ever to get through. We made some stops along the way to have a little fun.

First we stopped at my favorite waffle shop in Ohio and drove through the amazing campus of OSU! It was rivalry week and OSU had us rolling in tears of all their shenanigans against Michigan. Columbus is such a beautiful city! After procrastination of not wanting to get back in the crammed car already 4 hours into our trip, we put on some old school jams. What is better than screaming lyrics on the top of your lungs and laughing like little kids do? This distracted us for the next 3 hours till we made it to Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh, beautiful but challenging! My car barely made it up those hills! We enjoyed the scenery but the anxiety that came with stopping at lights on those hills were enough to drive us out of the city! When we came out of the Blue Mountain tunnel, the scenery was one from a painting. I could not stop staring at the cotton candy sky, with the snow laying atop the mountains.

Here we go….. 6 more hours till were back in the motherland! What are we going to do now? hmmmmm, I guess I will try to get a head start on my paper due that night at midnight. WRONG! Calvin had me laughing once again and letting me scream some classic Whitney Houston right in his ear. Ok this is it, 30 minutes from the Jersey board and 2 hours till we make it home. Our ditzy selves missed the exit and had to detour, which turned our 12 hour trip into a 14 and a half one! We were so ready to get home and see our family, chugging on 3 hours of sleep from the prior night. Finally we made it home, safely with just a little bit of trouble along the way! I can not believe our family trusted us to do this all by ourselves. Here’s to many more road trips!!



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