FIRST DIY- makeup organizer! All recycled materials!

hey y’all! I wanted to start doing some DIY’s since I’m on an extreme budget in college. I had two problems I was looking to get rid of:

1)my messy sink from all my makeup

2) a lot of shoeboxes I tend to keep for no reason

why not get creative and clean up those messes in one shot

1) Organizer as a whole
First things first, I took a shoebox, cutting off the top and also slanting the sides to make taking makeup out of the brush easy to grab.

2) Brush holder
I then took two toilet paper rolls, because those are easy and accessible to get without spending the cash. I wrapped then with the paper that comes in the shoe box that covers the shoes, pushing in the extra material and taping it down on the inside. The one roll, I cut a dip down into it, for my smaller and shorter makeup brushes so they wouldn’t get lost in the roll.

3) Lipstick/mascara holder
This one might be confusing. The tampons I buy, have two box slips in them, one that holds one size of tampons, and the other holds the other size. I took one box slip out and covered that with a thin material that came in my laptop box (of course you can use any thin flexible material for this one, even wrapping paper for color.) Like the toilet paper roll, I cut a dip in it for easy access for my lipsticks and mascara.

4) Covering the shoe box
For this one, I had a Urban Outfitters shopping bag that I just loved so much I did not want to get rid of. I cut the bag down the seams and basically present wrapped the shoebox with the bag. For the parts still exposed, I took some emblems received from my makeup orders to cover up the exposed parts and to give it some color.

5) The Final Product
Obviously, you can do a specific color scheme with more impressive looking materials but I was looking for things just lying around my apartment to use at no cost to myself. I placed my makeup brush containers connected with a paper clip, to keep them from falling over. I placed my tissue box to add some color and get the box on my counter. The eyeshadow and other palettes of various makeup was neatly placed inside the box itself.

let me know what you all think!! xx


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