The Power of One Week (part 3)

How lucky am I to live in a breathtaking beach town on the Jersey Shore, while only being less than two hours from NYC and Philly? Two beautiful cities, that literally are never sleeping. I always enjoy a quality spontaneous day trip on the train to see what I can get myself into. During Calvin and I’s re-meeting for the week, we had a little fun in NYC.

Me, being a street style girl, never finds myself wearing heels. Why on earth on this day, knowing I will be walking for a very long time, would I decide to throw on some pumps? It’s for the experience I guess. When Calvin and I started our day, we got cheap quality Jersey bagels and a cup of coffee before heading off to the station. I always get nervous at the station thinking I will get on the wrong one, and taking me somewhere other than my destination. 8 stops between where we get on and Penn Station, with about 10 minutes in between each. Getting off that train in the city is exhilarating. Everything is 100x faster, and if you do not take that first step off the train as fast as the city people walk, you will get run over.

Our first destination for the day was a 30 block walk to lower Manhattan right by Union Square. We had reservations at Max Brenner. This restaurant was one of the best in the city so far. Majority of their plates are somehow infused with chocolate. Right up my alley!! We raved about that place and how awesome the staff was and how full I was of chocolate for the whole day and the day to follow.

After dinner, my feet were bleeding from my heels so I head over to Forever21 for a cheap pair of flats since we had a 45 minute walk to the Rockettes with only 30 minutes to spare. The Radio City Rockettes is my absolute favorite show to see, always bringing joy and happiness. I was so excited to show Calvin them, and let him in on the happiness I feel watching the dances. The show ended at 6:30, and we had 45 minutes to get to Barclay’s.

One more event for the day till we needed to board a train back to Jersey. My first professional basketball game, something Calvin was happy to show me, how it brings HIM joy and happiness, even though he is a Knicks fan. I was overwhelmed, of how awesome it was to be watching live what thousands of people were watching on their television at that moment. The day was over and we were on close measures to missing the last train of the night. What a day!!

Being so far from home made me appreciate how this once was a weekly thing, instead of a “coming home from college for a visit so lets do something special” thing. I love my home and the places surrounding it and I definitely realize it now.

Do you have a special place that you wish you could be all the time instead of every once in a while? I would love to learn about them!! xx



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