Being Home

When one is away from home for reasons such as college or traveling, you develop a different type of missing feeling. This one makes you think of all your special people back home, whether it’s one person or twenty five. Regardless of the fact, you start yearning for their interaction more and more everyday.

I think something college students slip away from what is the family value. I was never one to really prioritize my family before I shipped off to college because I assumed they would always be there. As time went on during the semester, things went downhill for my family. My grandparents are getting older and my parents are more stressed. I made it a point to drive the 12 hours each way to go see them, even if I only had the weekend off. I see a lot of students talking and tweeting about how they “can’t wait to get back to college” or how they “just wanna be drunk with my college sisters….get me out of this house”

In no way do I want people to think I am bashing them for drinking or enjoying partying and college, but I just feel as though less teens are stepping back and thinking about how your family can be taken from you in a matter of a second. I wish we would take into account more often that no party will ever be worth more than what could be the last moments you have with someone special. Let’s open our eyes to those who love us and cherish those moments instead of wishing our time away until winter break is over and we can all go back to spending more time with friends than family. With that being said, happy holiday season to all my growing followers and everyone who comes across this post!

What is one of your favorite things from this holiday season? Here is a picture of my Christmas tree–totally Barbie!



2 thoughts on “Being Home

  1. I totally agree with you on this ! Through my first year of college , I rarely went home, I was very busy but also because home was ‘ boring’ . But now , I enjoy every single moment of being home, because of my family. I feel like we have a different kind of a relationship now . I never miss parties etc, , but if i have a weekend off, I just go home . 🙂

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