Personal Reflection of Spontaneity in 2016

2016 as a whole was an amazing year. I started my journey that created the idea of this blog and spent a full 365 with my sig other. Myself as a person, tends to forget all the bad and only remembers the good. This allows me to think every experience I go through was positive and beneficial. I love to reflect on what a experience has given me and how I have grown from it. This gives me the reassurance I need to remember I am constantly moving forward in my life. Sometimes you forget in a day to day routine to change it up and be spontaneous. You never know the impact it may have. My favorite spontaneous moment is one I will speak about and think about when my life starts to get a little dull again.

To Begin…

Summer was coming to an end and reality was kicking in that I would be leaving for college soon. Calvin and I’s favorite artist, Lil Yachty released on Instagram that in 2 hours from the time posted, he would be playing a ‘mini movie’ in lower Manhattan and only the first 200 people were allowed in. We could not miss this opportunity so we hopped in my car and drove to the city. I love how I live 80 miles from the Big Apple because it allows for times like these HOWEVER my anxiety does not allow for city driving so we usually take the train but there was no time for that this trip. When we finally got my little Mustang into a parking garage, we ran to the theater to catch it in time. The city is known for not having bathrooms for people who are not paying customers…. well I have a small bladder so in route to the theater I was making pit stops into stores buying things in hopes they would let me use their bathroom. NO LUCK!

We finally reached the theater being #192 and #193 in line! Psyched isn’t even the word to decrive how we were feeling! Hyped! Excited! Adrenaline Pumping!! Did I mention this was our favorite artist?! Almost two hours passed as the sun went down and the air got more dry, the security guards decided to stop paying attention to the line. People started pushing and mushing their way in and there was no telling who the first 200 was anymore. The crowd was furious and even Yacht was a little annoyed at how the situation was being handled. Push came to shove and next thing I knew was a security guard had been jumped and was now holding his bloody, broken nose and we were all banging on the theater singing ‘One Night’ to Yachty as he recorded us. I even made it onto his Instagram!!

Sirens always fill the NYC air but at this moment, the sirens were more piercing and more loud than I had ever heard. Calvin pulled my arm and we hustled to get away but the NYPD surround the whole block, all four corners, demanding no one took a step onto the street. I am not one to be ‘reckless’ and often get scared by a cop even driving behind me. This was a big risk for me but it was so fun to be able to experience this moment, which is everyday life for adventure seekers, something I wanted to be. Eventually the police faded away, and the riot turned back on. This time after fans trying to actually break the glass into the theater, the police arrived again. Calvin and I decided to dip and get out of there before there was serious trouble. We walked back the 20 blocks to my car, where I accidently backed into, hitting the parking attendant, and we were on our way home just in time for Yatchy to release his new album. We bumped the album the whole 80 miles home, and laughed about what had happened and how sad I was that my Adidas’s were nearly ruined. We also managed to get a ‘sailing team hat’ from Yachty’s manager which Calvin cherishes in his room till this day.


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