A Ring For a Promise

 There is nothing more nerve wracking than a long distance relationship. In an LDR you plan out every second of your future, while in the back of your mind it is known that it won’t go as planned. Everyday we promise that one day we will be together for good, no more seeing each other every few months and then having to go back to the place where we pretend is home when together is home for us. What better way to solidify a promise then with a ring I wear proudly on my finger, to remind me of who I have so close to me even when we are so far.

This ring is for a promise. The promise of continuous planning, daydreaming, FaceTime calls and texts of encouragement.

This ring is for a promise. The promise of a wonderful marriage, happy household, beautiful children and a life time of WORDS of encouragement

This ring is for a promise. The promise of daily support, unlimited hugs, lots of laughs and actions of encouragement.

 This ring is a promise. The promise of love, mental connection and a lifelong bestfriend.

We talk about everything a young couple in love speaks about, pretending that in that moment there are no troubles. We grow together, we pretend together, we fight together, we laugh together, we support together. We are each other’s bestfriend.

So here’s to that ring. Here’s to the ring that represents a promise, not a promise that represents a ring. It is so much more than a ring, it is a reminder of the joy and love I am so blessed to have. So here’s to a ring, MY ring.


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