TRUE LIFE: I’m addicted to Organizing

……and its not a good thing

I have found myself never to be a neat or organized person until I got to college. I was always messy, losing things, forgetting to bring something or not planning for my day ahead. When I got to college, something clicked in me that I needed to get my life together. I went out and bought folders, planners, storage and organizing bins as soon everything has a place and a purpose. I plan out my day, write what time events will be happening, keep on track of events from my syllabi and essentially never forget anything. I have found though, these past few months, I have become obsessed. The idea of always finding something new to use, whether it be DIY or store bought, to help me make my life easier just sounded so good.

I have a wall for my hats, a wall for momentums, a wall for checklists and grocery lists. My desk is covered in planners, sticky notes, and calendars. I have an unbelievable amount of highlights, sharpies, pins and clips. I buy pointless things according to what season is something up. My to-go coffee cups are organized by color and size. My candle warmer wax, organized.

I get so overwhelmed that I’m not being organized (when in reality I am) that my body does not know how to stop. I feel like I always need to be on top of things, but for your mind to go nonstop, is not good.

SO FOR ALL OF MY FELLOW OBSESSERS, ORGANIZERS, DIY-ERS, AND COLLEGE STUDENTS, take a step back and realize you might just be a little overboard. You will be fine with one calendar not five and you DO NOT need to spend countless hours in Target looking for something to help your needs. Somehow I walk into Target and I act like I’m a professional home designer lol!!!



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