7 Things I Hate About You (or me)

okay Miley lyrics!!!! Here goes that 2rd person to describe irritating things I do!!

1. The way your tuck your hair behind your ear even though you know it looks better untucked! Who wants stupid creases anyway??

2. When you think you look polished with your outfit, but its a complete bust !!1!1!!

3. The way you REFUSE to get your nails done!!! They look so cute painted and long!!

4. The way you speak with a higher voice to some people, and to some people you are monotone! That’s not your voice! Stop pretending!!

5. The way you sleep your free time away (even though I know you work hard when you’re awake)

6. Rushing !! Through !! Your !! Makeup !! Routine !! Blend sis blend !!!!

7. Letting yourself make a 2rd person blog post lol!!!!!

I hope some people can relate to these and see that everyday simple problems are stupid and too small to thing about on a greater scale 



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