Exploring a Brand: ColourPop


Before I get into anything, let me just say….. HOLYYYYY PIGMENTED ….!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the packaging I received, super cute and there’s a booklet on tips for applying.

As it is known by now, I only buy makeup that is cruelty free, since that is one of the simplest forms of protest against cruelty. Of course, Colourpop is an animal lover brand, leaving the “fur on the fur babies” … Find that on their website here

Also before I get into the goodies, my whole purchase was only $35 !!! yes only $35 !!!!




Let’s start with the:

brow pencil.
I got my shade in Honey Blonde. Slightly lighter than my eyebrow to outline before I apply my brow pomade. The stick is extremely thin, which is just what I needed. like I said before it is also super pigmented! This little stick works wonders. Also a plus? FIVE DOLLARS!!
product rating: 10/10


The two thin lines are from this pencil, as you can see extremely thin


the Lippie Stix:
shade Contempo. This lipstick is a matte and is a more neutral color. The slight slant of the packaging allows you to apply your lipstick without the round chunky tube getting in the way. It is easy to blend with other colors and does not crust up.
product rating: 10/10
((picture not shown))

Lippie Pencil:
shade Ellarie. This lip pencil I did not expect to be so dark and plum-y …. is that a word? anyway, I needed to blend with another lipstick because dark lips just is not my thing. It’s almost too pigmented but I’m sure if I had bought a lighter color I would enjoy this very much.
product rating: 8/10

Eyeshadows from the Super Shock collection.

eyeshadow #1:
Cusp: a green shadow categorized as Ultra-Glitter. This shadow is a green base with a blue/gold undertone.

eyeshadow #2:
Paradox: a dark reddish/purple color categorized as Satin.

eyeshadow #3:
Friskie: an extremely black shadow categorized as Metallic. This shadow has silver glitter in it. I needed this since I surprisingly have no black shadows!!!!

eyeshadow #4:
Glitterati: a silver packed shadow categorized Metallic. IT looks as though it has a yellow undertone, I needed this for my inner corners.

Overall I am excited about these products because I love all the glitter these products have. let me just reiterate $30 FOR 6 PRODUCTS!!!!!!! highly highly highly recommend.



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