The Downside to Success

Don’t get me wrong, success is one of the best things in the world. Success comes in all ranges from making someone smile to receiving your first big tip on a check to makings thousands of dollars. What defines success ranges with different definitions with every person. For me, success is getting one step closer to your goals and aspirations, even if that step is miniscule to someone else. As long as you know you are progressing, you are succeeding.

Can there really be a downside to this great action? I never thought there could be, until my dreams and goals were becoming more in reach. I found myself becoming obsessed and single minded to one goal because it was excelling more fast. I should probably state that I have many aspirations like my blog, fitness blog, coaching career, tryouts for a team etc. These are all things I try to stay equally focused on. When one thing starts to take off more than another, I need to give it more attention, because of the attention it’s receiving.

This is a downside because I lose my focus on all my goals which may lead to me becoming less interested or motivated. I don’t want to stop my focus on everything because all of those things make me happy beyond belief. It’s aggravating because I know things with attention require attention and it’s almost nearly impossible to be equally successful in every dream of mine but I wish that’s the way it was. I almost feel like cheating on my dreams with one dream in specific lol!

Am I the only one that feels like this? Am I just an over thinker and I’m thinking way too much in this? Or do more of you feel ultimately upset in some aspects because of the success of one goal and not all goals? Just some food for thought.



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