My University’s gym is a lot different than my gym back home so trying to accommodate for certain workouts is challenging. Majority of the workouts that don’t involve weights can be done right in the comfort of your home. Be creative with materials used but also be smart. Make sure what you use is safe […] … Continue reading GREAT WORKOUT AND FOODIE BLOG


Personal Reflection of Spontaneity in 2016

2016 as a whole was an amazing year. I started my journey that created the idea of this blog and spent a full 365 with my sig other. Myself as a person, tends to forget all the bad and only remembers the good. This allows me to think every experience I go through was positive […]

Being Home

When one is away from home for reasons such as college or traveling, you develop a different type of missing feeling. This one makes you think of all your special people back home, whether it's one person or twenty five. Regardless of the fact, you start yearning for their interaction more and more everyday. I think something … Continue reading Being Home